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                  Group name comes from its English name "UNIPRO", meaning "United elite, promote development".
                  The predecessor of the group was founded in 2000, mainly for domestic and foreign investors to provide "one-stop" investment services.
                  Sharpen a decade, has successfully transformed and became to the investment as a platform, industrial investment to support, capital operation as a lever of comprehensive and diversified group. Its business covers investment services (for investors and for the regional government), capital operation and industrial investment, and other fields.
                  In the field of investment services group affiliated subsidiary -- Guangzhou Lianguan commerce Co., Ltd. is engaged in investment for many years, the successful introduction, and many of the world's top 500 enterprises, in the industry outstanding performance, to the service concept and service product innovation well-known.
                  In the field of capital operation, the group cooperation with well-known financial institutions at home and abroad, committed to the capital operation of high-tech industry business, and achieved some success.
                  In the field of industrial investment, the group selected high-quality projects, energy, chemical, engineering, mining and other various industry leaders cooperation, invest and set up industrial projects, and achieved a stable return on investment.
                  Group will continue due to the restructuring of the broad space for development, to maintain a good relationship with the related government departments, investors, financial institutions, professional services and other, common integration of community resources, develop more high-quality projects, expand the capital operation, common development.


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